Web design, SEO & marketing

When we launched this non-profit promotional registry for athletic, spotted sport horses we had to teach Google a new word.

'Sportaloosa' combines Appaloosa and sport horse and Google's best guess for search results was port-a-loo, which was going to make for some embarrassment if we didn't fix it.

We published a holding page for sportaloosa.com early on to give Google something to get its teeth into, then we set about listing it in relevant, trusted directories. We wrote press releases ready for launch and backed it all up with social media to assure Google we were real.

When launch day came, Google knew exactly what a Sportaloosa was and delivered nothing but the right search results.

Now, the site's on its fourth refresh and each iteration brings new visitors and new excitement.

We did

  • branding
  • mobile-friendly website design and build
  • search engine optimisation
  • online shop
  • classifieds
  • launch and ongoing marketing plan and implementation
  • copywriting
  • press releases
  • photography
  • video
  • email marketing

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