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At Get Spotted, we help businesses to grow.

Whether you need a new or improved website, want to find new customers, make more sales or improve your profitability, we provide complete website, marketing and business fitness solutions to help your business get ahead.

Mobile-friendly website design

It doesn't matter what your business does, you need a website.

And not just any old website.

It needs to look amazing, draw the customer in and to reshape itself to give everyone the best view, even on a smartphone or tablet.

People need to be able to find your website and once they do, it needs to convince them that yours is the business they want to deal with.

Appealing, responsive website design from Get Spotted, Wellsford-based website design studio

Complete website solutions

We make appealing, persuasive and mobile-friendly websites that are search engine optimised and reshape themselves to fit the screen they're viewed on.

When we deliver a website for you, it's complete in every way. Appealing design, persuasive copy writing, search engine optimisation, website visitor analytics and ongoing tweaks until your site ranks well for relevant online searches are all included.

where website design meets marketing

Search engine optimisation from Get Spotted - website design, SEO & marketing studio

Search engine optimisation

When people Google something, you know they're interested.

People who reach your website through an online search stay longer, visit more pages and are more likely to get in touch or buy from you [Source - Google Analytics].

That's why it's worth investing in SEO. But it's hard and that's why many website designers don't tackle it.

Built to be found

A website with no visitors is no website at all. To give your website the best chance of getting found on Google for the searches that matter to you, we give it a solid SEO foundation along with quality, well-structured content for search engines to find.

where websites get found

Your customer first. And second. And third.

Our marketing-first approach supports and boosts your organic search results and targets your best prospects.

To deliver the best results to you, the marketing solution we provide strikes a chord with your customer because we take their point of view. What do they need? How does what you're selling help them?

We craft communication that lets them realise 'this is for me' and we find cost effective ways of putting that message in the right hands so they come to you.

Whether you're aiming local, national or worldwide, we put you in front of the people who matter.


Big brand success. Small business focus. Solid results.

We've done the hard yards helping smart, challenger brands get ahead. Now, we apply our expertise and relentless drive for success to help small to medium sized businesses of all sizes in New Zealand and around the world.

From national retailers' gift cards to telecommunications challenger websites, retail activation networks to prepaid mobile, scientific research to non-profits, we know what it takes to get business growing. Especially when the competition is tough and the budget is tight.

A sample of work

Mobile-friendly website for the Mangawhai Business Development Association

Mobile-friendly website design, directory, seo & branding

Mobile-friendly website, ecommerce & SEO for Sarah C

Mobile-friendly website design, ecommerce & seo

Mobile-friendly website for POS Mate

Mobile-friendly website design, ecommerce & seo

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