When it's your business, data's not boring.

What we love most about all things online is that they're measurable. There's no guessing how many people visited your site, saw your ad, viewed your online video, bought something from you or sent you an enquiry... the answers are there to be found.

But, every answer is in a different place.

The time you spend checking your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook page and ads, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn to work out how you're tracking is time you're not spending on building your business.

And, trying to make sense of disparate data when all you really want to know is "am I getting ahead?" is no easy task for anyone.

Extraordinary website and SEO analytics

Not looking is not an option.

Frustrating as it can be, if you're not looking at what's happening for you online, you can bet it's going wrong. You have to know but it shouldn't be this hard.

We've found an extraordinary analytics solution.

It offers you a complete view of how you're doing online. Everything in one place, from website analytics to YouTube video views.

See how you're doing for:

  • search engine optimisation for the keywords and phrases that matter
  • website traffic
  • ranking against your competitors
  • website health and opportunities
  • links to your site
  • ranking for searches on Google and Bing
  • social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • advertising on Google and Facebook

See what's happening now and how it compares to last week, last month or last year.

Find out where you're nailing it and where you can do better by running a search engine optimisation audit to spot problems that have crept in and fix them.

Then, see how your rankings have changed when you log in the next day.

Reporting the way you want it.

See a snapshot or delve in to the detail.

Log in on the fly for a realtime update or get regular reports emailed to you and anyone else in your business you nominate.

You can even choose what you want to see and how often you want to see it.

Data is only useful when you can use it to make decisions.

Spend more, spend less. Improve your website to capitalise on the native power of Google and Bing or focus on building up your social profile.

You don't need to guess; you can see what's happening, all in one place.

Call us nerds but we're really excited about this

It's spectacularly powerful, easy to use and to configure the way you want it.

It's a tool that every business can afford and that no business can afford to be without.


Check it out