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SEO and improving search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation. Delivering better quality website visitors.

When people Google something, you know they're interested.

When visitors find your website through an online search, they:

  • stay longer
  • visit more pages
  • are more likely to get in touch or buy from you
    [Source - Google Analytics]

That's why Google works so hard to deliver high quality, relevant search results.

And that's why we work so hard on search engine optimisation, to get your website found.

SEO - delivering a better quality website visitor

Get Spotted websites are built to be found.

If we've designed your website, SEO is included. From the words you see on screen to behind the scenes meta tags, mobile-friendly design to submission to Google, we've optimised your website to be found by search engines.

SEO doesn't stand still.

As other websites launch and change, so does your website's ranking for your most important search words and phrases. Regular monitoring and SEO tune ups are important to keep your website on page one.

Search engine optimisation options

SEO overhaul

Get found. If your website can't be found in relevant searches, it needs a search engine optimisation overhaul. This top to toe website review includes all of the content additions and other changes your site needs to improve your search engine ranking.

SEO tune up

If you've noticed you're slipping down the search engine results but your website is generally in good shape, a tune up will give you a boost. We'll tweak your content and submit it to Google and we won't stop until you're getting the right result.

Search engine optimisation isn't just about content

Writing for the web is vital when it comes to search engine optimisation. But, that's just one part of the equation.

Keyword research

Knowing the various words and phrases people will search for to find what you offer is a matter of research, not guess work.

Content writing

Once we've established what your site needs to rank for, we'll craft website content that reads well and does the job.

Content structure

With content written, it's worked into a hierarchy that tells Google what the site's about and what's most important.

Submission to Google

There's no waiting around. We can see within minutes what impact changes have on your search ranking.

Mobile friendly

It's no longer a choice. Your site needs to be mobile-friendly to appear in searches made from mobile devices.

Loading speed

Slow sites get penalised because they're not user friendly. Your site needs to load fast to secure a top rank.

Time on site

Pages visited and time on site are a clear indicator of quality, relevant content, so your site needs to be engaging.


Links from (and to) good quality sites including social media help to establish your site's credentials in its field.

Track how your SEO is working. In real time.

With comprehensive website visitor analytics, know:

  • who's looking
  • where they came from
  • how they found you
  • what they looked at
  • how long they stayed
  • whether they came back

If your site doesn't already have Google Analytics operating, we'll set it up and talk you through how to understand what you're seeing.

How can we help you to be found?

Whether you need a full SEO overhaul or just a few tweaks, we recommend search engine optimisation as one of the best investments you'll make.

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