The face of body work has changed forever. No longer are you limited to the manipulation of a chiropractor or the massage of a physio and Align Me is a shining example of incredibly effective muscle release therapy that's gentle, non-invasive and achieves profound, long-lasting results.

We helped Bowen and Emmett therapist Dianne Denton to choose a strong and meaningful name, coupled with a simple and powerful brand, delivering a logo, colour palette, business card design and all the elements required to get underway.

The result? Business doubled from the get go.

A year later, we launched, to help Dianne to tell her story and let people see how she can help.

If you're within driving distance of Wellsford and have a few aches and pains, Align Me is absolutely worth a visit.

We did

  • naming
  • branding
  • business card design
  • social media consultancy


Align Me