Understand your customer or get it wrong

When we started talking to small business owners about how well their websites and marketing efforts were performing, it was an eye-opening experience.

They all knew they had to have a website.

They all thought that the web designer they hired would deliver them a website that would do the job they needed it to.

They were all left just a bit disappointed (and in some cases, very disappointed).

Understand  your customer or get it wrong

In each case, there was a gap between what the business owner needed from their web designer and what they actually got.

- E-commerce sites that looked beautiful but weren't selling anything because they couldn't be found
- Accommodation sites generating an endless series of confused questions from prospective guests
- Previously high-ranking sites that disappeared from Google searches following a redesign

The same business owners were using a variety of graphic designers to help them with brochures or posters, with every piece looking and sounding slightly different. Not surprisingly, their graphic designers weren't doing the job well either because they were working on just one piece of the puzzle.

It just wasn't working for any of these businesses. They were confused about why their efforts weren't paying off and even worse, they were wasting money.

Getting it right, in any size business

Understand your customers. Make sure your branding, communication, website... everything you do gives your customers what they need.

It doesn't matter if you're a one-person start up working out of your bedroom or whopping big corporate, your visibility and ability to appeal to your customers is what will get your business humming.

And that's where you need to pick the right partner to get yourself seen. And make no mistake, for the best outcome you want a partner, not just a supplier.

Your web design and marketing partner will know your business nearly as well as you do

They'll ask questions that'll have you looking at them sideways but when they show you their plan of attack, you'll realise they get it.

They will have considered what needs to happen in order for you to make a sale or generate an enquiry and they'll be able to show you how to step your customers through the process of making a decision.

That's what it takes

To get it right, you need someone who understands what your customer needs, finds out what you need and delivers the solution that matches those together.

Don't compromise... hold out for the right partner and get your business working the way it can. It makes all the difference in the world.

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