Extraordinary SEO and website analytics.

Because not looking is not an option.

Extraordinary website and SEO analytics

See everything with exceptional website analytics.

Our complete, multi-channel analytics bring you a complete view of what's happening in your online space.

SEO rankings

See where you rank in Google and Bing for the keywords that matter to you.

Google analytics

Who's visiting, how they found you, how long they stayed and what they did.

Google search

SEO at a glance. See how often you appear in searches and how many clicks you get.


Sites that link to yours boost your search engine ranking. See who links and how often.


Check how your site ranks, compared to your competitors and see why.

Social media

Followers and engagement for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Online advertising

Your Google AdWords and Facebook ad results, stacked up next to search.

Google Local

See your business' Google My Business local search results separately.

Data that lets you make good decisions.

See what's happening now and how it compares to last week, last month or last year.

Find out where you're nailing it and where you can do better by running a search engine optimisation audit to spot problems that have crept in and fix them.

Then, see how your rankings have changed when you log in the next day.

You don't need to guess; you can see what's happening, all in one place.

Reporting the way you want it.

See a snapshot or delve in to the detail.

Log in for a realtime update or choose what you want to see and how often you want to see it and get reports delivered to your inbox.

At $60 + GST a year, every business can afford it.

Extraordinary website and SEO analytics will set you back $5 (+ GST if you're based in New Zealand) a month, billed annually.

Ask us for a website SEO audit.

Drop us a line, make sure you include your website address and we'll run you a free website audit to highlight any areas your website could improve in.