Web design, marketing and helping businesses to get ahead

I help people to build profitable businesses by creating the website and digital strategy they need to stand out online.

We help businesses to grow.

We don't just design websites and brochures or put together social media posts. We find out what you need to get your business selling more and performing better and that's what we deliver.

That might mean we give your website an overhaul, come up with an improved brand or create a marketing approach that puts you in front of the right people with a compelling offer. It could include photography or video or it could be a search engine optimisation strategy.

The Get Spotted studio is based in the picturesque Whangaripo Valley, just out of Wellsford, New Zealand and serves clients in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and North America.

Get Spotted founder Petra Davidson
Founder, Petra Davidson
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Petra Davidson

Petra is a hands-on marketer who has helped businesses to grow and improve since 2000.

Experience and successes include:

  • Creating and managing giftstation.co.nz, NZ's largest online store for gift cards
  • Managing the brand and launch of the Gift Station, where leading retailers' electronic gift cards are sold in NZ’s biggest foot traffic stores
  • Gift card design and marketing consultancy to NZ’s largest retailers
  • Rebranding Ezi-Pay to Activata Prepay and seeing the customer base and revenues climb exponentially
  • Rebranding Compass Communications with a new look, a new attitude and revenues to match
  • Boosting prepaid phone card sales for CLEAR Communications by more than 3,000%
  • As group marketing manager for Compass and Ezi-Pay, helping to cement Ezi-Pay’s position as NZ’s leading electronic activation network

Brands shaped

Activata Prepay
Gift Station
Bill Guru
Net Tel Communications
Data Vault
Activata Prepay

How Get Spotted works

We learn everything

To help your business to grow, we need to know a lot about you. We'll ask you about your current situation, your ambitions and what stands in the way of you getting there. Then, we'll help you navigate the obstacles.


We craft a solution

We take into account everything we've learned about your business and your customers, crossmatch it with everything we know about human behaviour and develop an approach that will help you get where you want to go.


We fix problems

If we find you're doing something that just doesn't work for your customer, we'll help you to fix the problem. We won't let you spend money on promotion without being able to maximise your return.

We get the job done

Slick marketing plans, jargon and big bills without results aren't our thing. We're here to make a real difference to your business and that means hard work, involvement and results you can put in the bank.

How can we help? Drop us a line or give us a call. There's no obligation and it costs nothing to get a quote.

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